In today’s economic environment, success in the hospitality industry does not come from simply doing a good job. Success come from outstanding management techniques and marketing expertise. PT. Sofyan Tbk., with is subsidiary company PT Sofyan Hotels Management and Consultant is a full service hotel management company offering professional experience, targeted marketing and the industry “know how” to direct your hotel toward achieving optimal profit in the future.

We combine seasoned judgment, concentrating on precise execution of strategies proven successful over the years, with in entrepreneurial flair that is essential to maintain the leading edge of higher performance levels for your assets. The key is to optimize profit potential, optimize investor return and optimize asset value.


The beginning of the 70 was the first step for the company, to venture into the hotel and property business and later became recognized in the business community, central and local government including DKI Jakarta as a national company, one of the pioneers of the hospitality business in Indonesia. Sofyan Hotels,  now in its forties year of operation, and is known in the profitable operation of medium class business and family hotels in Indonesia.

In 1989, a major corporate action, vaulted the organization to public recognition and displays management’s confidence in the company’s strength both financially and operationally, Initial Public Offering  (IPO) of its new shares PT. SOFYAN HOTELS Tbk., was oversubscribed by 300%.