Philosophy of Product & Services


Character of Product & Service


Sofyan Hotels believed in the strength of the individual character is the most essential ingredients needed for the success in the hospitality business. The originality that comes from the values, tradition and cultures are believed to give a competitive edge to the hotels in the highly competitive market.



Sofyan Hotels products and services are always trying to eliminate the elements that are not healthy and hazardous for customers life in general (the beauty essence of sharia), So that customers feel like being at home both a reassuring and pleasingly comfortable experience.



Impression on customers by presenting a sense of comfort and original, so it will always be the primary choice for all





All parts that we present are smart and stylish



Our desire is, from the moment you enter a Sofyan hotel, you will be as if at home, as well as the feeling of comfort.



All facilities are designed with simplicity in mind of the benefit  of guests.


Value for the Money

We strive to provide all our guests with a feeling that their stay has had real value.